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Separate mini app for loading VST instruments.

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asked Feb 5 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by danielstaff1 (790 points)
Separate mini app for loading VST instruments that can allow you to see and save into the existing plugin presets you set up.

Over the years I have stopped saving any of my presets for my vsts within the vst plugins themselves and fully utilize Studio Ones preset system. I use this to simplify where all my presets are saved for every vendor out there which also extremely simplifies things when it comes to restoring everything following a system wipe.

The one awkward factor is when it comes to VSTs such as Omnisphere, Kontakt and other such vsts that can be used in standalone outside the DAW... is that I will have to save any presets in the standalone vst, to then load studio one to save again into the DAW preset system.

Making a mini app that you can load that uses the same scanned files as the main studio one app could be very powerful. not only could it make it all third-party vsts theoretically standalone. but also give the ability to save presets which are then later available within the main DAW environment.

Great for us sound designers that dont want to have to load up the full system to start creating sounds

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