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UC App not working on iPad Mini 6 - “Mix control not supported at this screen size”

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asked May 12 in UC Surface / Qmix by tuobyyaf (120 points)
After the latest update, the UC app won’t work on my Ipad mini 6.  Prior to the update it worked fine, but now it opens up the app, and says “Mix control not supported at this screen size”.

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answered May 13 by xzb6np (320 points)
Same here on my Android 7" table. Worked fine until the upgrade.
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answered May 14 by xzb6np (320 points)

If you go here: and select your IOS version you can download the older app. I'm not sure how sideloading works with IOS as I am an Android user.

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answered May 18 by nicolasbernier (240 points)
Same issue for me with my iPad pro.  I have the studio 192 interface with a Macbook pro, everething was working before the last Apps upgrade. I need the last version or a solution to fix that quikly!!
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answered May 22 by joakimbartnes (140 points)
I just fixed this issue on my iPad pro.

I had Large Text option set in iPad settings->Display and Brightness->Display Zoom.

If you got this option set, try to change it to Default and see if your mixer will reappare in the UC app.