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How do I record a stereo track in Studio One 5?

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asked Feb 15 in Studio One 6 by mitchellclemons (120 points)
I have been using S1 for about a year and have a good understanding of the functionality.  I know you can add mono and stereo tracks.  When I add a stereo track, I do not see an option of selecting 2 inputs for the stereo track.  My DAW is configured as:  all 8 of my recording inputs are plugged in to a Mackie mixer, the direct outs from the Mackie are patched into the 8 inputs of a MOTU 8A.  The MOTU connects to a Windows based PC via USB 3.0 that runs Studio One 5 (latest version).  I want to record a stereo track from inputs 1 and 2 in Studio One.  Probably a simple solution but I haven’t been able to figure it out.  Thanks in advance!!

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answered Feb 16 by tothrec (31,170 points)
You just need to go into settings and create a new stereo input that is set to the desired inputs.

Open the Studio One menu and Choose Song Setup (or just press Cntl Period)

Go to Audio I/O Setup

Click on the Inputs tab (it it is not already selected)

Click Add Stereo

Click on the two boxes below the desired inputs