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How do I select one side of a stereo instrument as a source for my Mono track?

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asked Dec 19, 2021 in Studio One 5 by mattlefevers (170 points)

Forgive me, I'm brand new to Studio One after twenty plus years on another DAW.

I use Superior Drummer 3 for drums, which only has 'stereo' outputs back into the DAW, but I used to be able to record mono drum tracks by routing (let's say) the Kick to "Output 1/2" and panning it left, then Snare to "Output 1/2" and panning it right... then back in the host DAW, I could make mono tracks receiving "Output 1/2 L" and "Output 1/2 R" etc.

After much effort, I have the routing (almost) figured out from Superior back into Studio One, except that the mono tracks cannot 'see' the stereo inputs to select them. If I make my drum tracks stereo, those Instrument outputs show up just fine, but who wants a stereo kick or snare track? Why can't I just choose "Instrument Output 1/2, Left" as an input for my mono track?

I'm losing sleep over this, it's honestly making me consider another DAW. I can't believe how much trouble I'm having getting this drum VST instrument set up in Studio One. Thanks for any help you can give!

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answered Nov 18, 2022 by thomasmartini (190 points)
I just came across your post. Have you ever figured this out or gotten an answer? I'm trying to do the same in Version 6 and still can't figure this out.