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Where can I download the final MacOS version of Studio One 3?

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asked Feb 21 in Studio One 6 by firesound (200 points)
I am creating an audio recording studio using old Mac kit.  I am running Macos El Capitan 10.11.6.  This is the most recent version of MacOS the computer will natively allow to be installed. I understand that Studio One 3 is the last version that will work with this computer.  I would like to buy this version.  How can I do that please? Thank you.

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answered Feb 21 by mattbennett1 (4,080 points)

First off, you need to have a valid product key. SO3 keys are no longer available, but you might find an old version with a valid key for purchase on an auction type website. Just make sure the seller verifies the key is un-used or the box is still sealed. Login to, under your products click on the version you own. On the download page, you will see a Download Installer - Mac button if you are currently running a macOS computer. If not currently on a Mac, click the Show All Systems button and you will see download buttons for all available OS's.