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Digimax 48 Jumper Diagram

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asked Feb 21 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by jeff.pinson (120 points)
Hi -

I'm wondering if anyone has a copy of the jumper diagram for the older Digimax 48.  Supposedly a paper copy was included in with the DMAX006 & DMAX007 breakout cables.  I've done a web search for an electronic copy, and it's not on the website.  After reaching out to product support I got an automated response...which claims that because the product is EOL they don't even have the diagram available anymore.  I assume this has to be an error with a comapny as big as Presonus, as most of the manufacturers keep all their legacy documentation and drivers out on the web ad infinitum.

Anyhoo - any help would be appreciated - thanks much if you can!

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