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Studio One + Izotope RX Connect

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asked Apr 13, 2023 in Editing by adearingsound (300 points)

Studio One devs need to prioritize developing support for Izotope RX Connect.

The RX Connect workflow is well established as an industry standard.

Either functioning with ARA, similarly to the Melodyne integration. Audio> Edit with RX, or The ability to edit selected waveform(s) in an External editor. Audio> Edit in External Editor. I just switched over to Studio One for music, with a background in Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase, and a glaring problem that all the other DAWs have sorted out, is RX Connect integration.

This is particularly frustrating because on the official Izotope RX 10 System Specs page it lists compatibility with Studio One, which is misleading. If there is no plan to support RX, Presonus should consider contacting Izotope to clarify that only the plugins from RX are valid in Studio One, but specifically not RX Connect, and not RX Monitor. Equally as useful is officially communicating that RX Connect/Rx Monitor are not supported, as searching about this topic either in forums or in the manual it is not immediately clear that Presonus has not developed functionality for RX Connect. As a customer, I found the lack of information about RX Connect as a point of frustration and a poor time investment.

I do see this request has been made previously many times, and the top link that Feature Request suggested I looked at was posted in 2015, which was now 8 years ago.

It looks like the best workflow with RX is actually a hack that is outlined here:

All the best, big fan of the product, and can't wait for proper RX Connect functionality to be implemented in Studio one!


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answered Sep 10, 2023 by russellgonzales (620 points)
I second this! They really need to work on have RX Connect work with Studio One. Almost all professionals use RX for post processing, and it is extremely frustrating to have to work OUTSIDE of Studio One to use RX 10 and then re-import the edited waves back into Studio One. It is a huge waste of time, and I don't understand why Presonus hasn't taken this request more seriously in their updates.
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answered Jan 7 by andrewhannigan (1,050 points)
+1 this seems to go hand in hand with Presonus's ARA work. Hope to have this soon!