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Izotope Neutron Relay and Track Names VST3 !!!

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asked Mar 9, 2020 in Studio One 4 by pascalhaux (250 points)

Hi there,

I ask for a quick update for VST 3 so that the names of the tracks are also automatically transferred to plugins such as Neutron and Relay from Izotope. Something like that should have been available in a professional version for a long time without this feature, my workflow is enormously impaired.

It would be nice if you could get an answer to this question it is no use if you have to wait years for something like this 


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answered Jun 27, 2020 by osmark (910 points)

Yes, just invested in izotope music production bundle but studio one is not sending track names.  According to their FAQ it’s up to studio one to pass this along, it’s very cumbersome to not have this feature.  Hopefully it’s a small update, would make a big difference to our workflows.

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answered Oct 28, 2020 by sigmarconrad (870 points)


In the link 

iZotope declares to be aware of the issue and they further declare that it lies in the way certain DAW are dealing with foreign plugins - such as Studio One. So its up to Presonus to get the problem fixed very soon. I have sent my feature request a year ago but nothing happened yet.

Come on Presonus - we spent a lot of money on iZotope products. We also want to exploit the potential of the investment. But that is not possible if Studio One does not support the necessary funktions.

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answered Dec 12, 2020 by jonathanebreo (320 points)
Yes please update S1 to work better with izotope.
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answered Dec 12, 2020 by keithriddell (1,260 points)
Agreed. At the moment I'm exporting stems into my old DAW Cakewalk, versions of which I'd used for over 10 years, It's free but unbelievably iZotope products are functional there yet not  in Studio One.

 Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination and I'd rather not.

 Having to rename Relay and the rest for 80 tracks or whatever takes forever, especially since the tracks keep re-ordering themselves alphabetically while also dealing with the weird system in use already whereby the Relay tracks are not numbered in order to begin with.

I love working with Studio One and this is my only gripe, but for me it's a major one. I hope this can be fixed soon between iZotope and Presonus wherever the problem lies.