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Izotope Neutron Relay and Track Names VST3 !!!

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asked Mar 9 in Studio One 4 by pascalhaux (240 points)

Hi there,

I ask for a quick update for VST 3 so that the names of the tracks are also automatically transferred to plugins such as Neutron and Relay from Izotope. Something like that should have been available in a professional version for a long time without this feature, my workflow is enormously impaired.

It would be nice if you could get an answer to this question it is no use if you have to wait years for something like this 


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answered Jun 27 by osmark (830 points)

Yes, just invested in izotope music production bundle but studio one is not sending track names.  According to their FAQ it’s up to studio one to pass this along, it’s very cumbersome to not have this feature.  Hopefully it’s a small update, would make a big difference to our workflows.