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StudioOne Metronome Subdivisions???

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asked Apr 13, 2023 in Recording by stevenwalker7 (250 points)
Please, please, PLEASE update the metronome to allow for:

1. All basic subdivisions: quarter, 8th, triplet, and 16th

2. The ability to play in odd and "super" odd meters.

3. More integration with remote app (visual representation, etc)

This met has so many great functions/abilities already, it's a shame to miss on something so integral to music making...!

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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answered Apr 21, 2023 by juandavidartalrangel (1,210 points)
Yes, the current subdivision feature can be very basic sometimes. Specially in odd time signatures, I'd like to specify the subdivision. For example a 7/8 can be 3+2+2 or 2+3+2 or 2+2+3. And even the option to automate changes of subdivisions would be very useful