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Can you automate macros in the channel editor?

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asked Apr 21, 2023 in Studio One 6 by cerimorriss (220 points)
I have two Mixtools at the top of two FX chains in Splitter, the first channel is 'dry' and the second channel is 'wet' for parallel processing.

The gain on each Mixtool is assigned to Macro control knob one and I have inverted the X axis for one Mixtool's gain in the Target panel so that when the Macro is turned it works as a cross fader.

I want to then have an automation track for the Macro control knob but the Hand tool doesn't do anything even though it recognises the control.

Is there any way to have an automation track for a Macro control knob, or is it simply there to record live performances?

Surely I am missing something...

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