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S16 - Ctrl A & Ctrl D not working in track name, channel names in console, and device name

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asked Apr 22 in Studio One 6 by richholahan (160 points)
Not a huge issue, more of an annoyance in workflow and I had no issues with this in 5. When naming a track, double click track name. By default it selects all of the text. Type my new name. However after you enter that name, for some reason Ctrl A is not re-selecting the text for me to copy. Been having to use my mouse for this....right click, select all....which does work, but just kills a sequence I had when doing this. Also if you have all of your text selected, Ctrl D will not deselect.

These two shortcuts work everywhere else I've tried them. For me, just a few odd places that they don't. Track naming, channel naming in console view, and renaming a device or instrument. Could be more, but these are just what I've noticed. Very weird, very stupid complaint, but I just had a memorized sequence of events and Ctrl A was just part of it. Not having it work is just a pothole in the road.

Even went as far as trying a select all and deselect all toggle on my stream deck and same results in these same areas. Am I being stupid and missing something? Me being stupid is absolutely possible! Anyone else having the same thing? Anyone else care to try? Feedback appreciated. Thanks family.

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