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S1 Feature Request : Add Track names to Events

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asked Nov 24 in Editing by princeagrawal (9,000 points)

Currently it is possible to apply track name to the events on that track by renaming the track and pressing Shift+Enter rather than simply Enter to rename. But, this functionality is limited to per track basis. So if you want to apply the track names to events to all the tracks in your session or to a large number of selected tracks, this will take quite a while to do on a track by track basis for each track individually. 

So my request is to add a "Apply Track Names to Events" command in S1 so that upon its execution, all the selected tracks events are renamed to the track name in one single shot. Kinda very similar to how "Apply Track names to Channels" work in S1. 

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answered Nov 24 by colinotoole (13,540 points)
I'm with you on this...  it's a good idea.