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More options how to automatically name events/takes/layers by template macro functions

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asked May 23, 2019 in Recording by Nip (3,190 points)
I wish for extensive options how event/layers/takes are named as they are created.

Example from other daw

This is a mixture of own text and certain attributes of an event - track number, name of track and a timestamp in the case above.

Other examples to choose from could be $layernumber, $takenumber, $second etc.
And every event is named without manual interaction as they are created - to own personal taste.

So one such template as preference setting for each of tracknames, eventnames, layernames etc.

And these $prefixed options can also be part of macro parameters available to directly rename stuff accordingly.

Thanks for voting.

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answered Jul 28, 2019 by m@P (1,900 points)
Agreed...I've noticed even after renaming takes for proper sequence, the re-naming doesn't update in the pool even after saving the file