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How can I isolate each stereo pair output on the Studio 1824c so that I can switch monitors with Cubase's Control Room?

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asked Apr 23 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by myqsfaxy (370 points)
I'm currently using Cubase 12 Pro on a Windows machine and my audio interface is the Studio 1824c.

What I want to do is have two sets of monitors, one on Main Out (1+2) and another on Line Out 3+4.

I'd also want a subwoofer on Line Out 5+6.

I've set seperate monitor outs for each pair in the Control Room so that with a press of a key, I can switch between each one.

The problem is that it doesn't work as expected. No matter what I press, the audio seems to come out of all monitor, or some - I can't really figure out the pattern here.

I've investigated the DAW out channels of the 1824's control panel and even though the channel changes along with the monitor out selection in Cubase, it doesn't seem to make a difference.I can't figure our how to direct the audio to the correct outputs, and ONLY those outputs.

Anybody figured this out? I'm fairly certain this issue is on the 1824c's end.

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