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Connecting FireStudio Project and Studio 1824C

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asked Nov 18 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by StephenNowak (160 points)

Hello all
Shot in the dark here if anyone has had experience with this.
I have a Presonus Firestudio Project, FireWire, and Presonus Studio1824c, USB 3.0. Attempting to use both simultaneously, i’ve created an aggregate audio device with both connected, 1824c as the “master”. In ProTools, input signals show for the 1824c, but no signals from the Firestudio inputs.
When using them independently, no issues. Only when selecting the aggregate group, I get no DAW input signal on the track for the Firestudio inputs (input signal does show on the hardware). Any ideas of a fix/if I’m doing something incorrect? Or is using these two units in tandem not possible?

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