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Is there a way to show a large notepad on the project page (not just track notes)

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asked Jun 4 in Look and Feel by alanmoore3 (160 points)
edited Jun 12 by alanmoore3
I'd like to analyse reference tracks imported into the main project page of Studio One: form, structure, chord changes, etc. A large notepad would be great - I know Logic has this. Ideally, this would take up the space on the right where the browser is.

I know there are Track Notes but I'm looking for something similar to the Song Notes feature but I'd like it to be on the project page, not in a pop-up.

Is this possible? If not, can it be a feature request? At the moment, I'm using Evernote for this but it would be more convenient to be able to see a breakdown of reference tracks (modeling) on the main page where I'm actually working and composing.



Update (June 2023)

Is there a VST Notepad that could be used instead (and pinned to the project page)? I'm finding that I need this feature to avoid having lots of windows open.

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answered Jul 14 by anuraj.aa (640 points)
If I remember correctly there is a song notes section in the project info pop up. This is where I used to store my lyrics.
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answered Jul 23 by bradboatright (480 points)
There actually is a very simple and good VST notepad available for free here: