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Is there a way to create a Mono digital release from the Project page?

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asked Nov 14, 2019 in Studio One 4 by paviproczko (460 points)
I know how to export from a song into mono (toggle mono in the export menu, thanks to SO4 improvement).

I want to create a digital release from the project page into all mono files. The toggle from the Export song menu isn't on the Digital Release prompt. They are stereo by default. And I can't seem to get any song to add into the project directly as a mono file.

Is there a way that I am missing?

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answered Dec 5, 2019 by andrrippstein (4,250 points)

Insert the Dual Pan effect into the effect section on the master page an pan the left an right channel to the center.

See S1 Help:

Dual Pan is a fully variable stereo panner with input balance control, selectable pan law, and independent left/right panning. The following parameters are available for Dual Pan:

  • Input Balance Adjusts the balance of the stereo input signal from full left to full right.
  • Pan Law Select a pan law, choose from -6 dB Linear, -3 dB Constant Power Sin/Cos, -3 dB Constant Power Sqrt, 0 dB Balance Sin/Cos, and 0 dB Linear.
  • Pan
    • Left Adjusts the pan of the left input signal from full left to full right.
    • Right Adjusts the pan of the right input signal from full left to full right.
    • Link Link the Left and Right panning.