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Would like the audio and midi region GUI to have rounded edges please.

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asked Sep 28 in Look and Feel by tisvvoto (170 points)
Please consider rounding the audio and midi region edges to soften the look for those who are nuerodiverse such as Dyspraxia,Autism,Dyslexia,ADHD.
By rounding the edge it helps neuro diverse people to visually better see the seperation between Quantize snap markers and audio/midi regions.
Also please consider making audio wave white as black is really difficult to see against loud colours if you are ,Dyspraxia,Autism,Dyslexia,ADHD.

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answered Oct 1 by aa1607 (320 points)
That's so wonderful. I would like to be able to switch the GUI myself. I don't like round GUIs like Cubase.