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Synch modes from CS18ai to UC software

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asked May 13, 2016 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by OzAmaro (1,400 points)
I really like the CS18ai for studio and live show stuff. I think however, the mixer should have two modes by which it should function.

Mode A: Useful for multi-person interactions, mostly in Live shows- The physical button selections of the mixer do not replicate back to the UC surface. Handy when there are two people working the system.

Mode B: Useful in single person Live or Studio work. There is only one person for the most part interacting with the CS18ai and any UC software via the wireless, therefore, synch the "state" of the CS18ai back to the UC software so that channel selections and all movements from the CS18ai are visible at the UC software. This way, one can "pick up" where they left off from leaving the CS18ai to picking up the iPad. Having to remember to re-select the same channel is error-prone. The work-around for now is to select the "solo" button off and on at the CS18ai and that WILL select the channel at the UC Software too, but that's kind of cheesy.

Synchronicity from hardware to software is something most people anticipate out of the box, till they get there head around the system and hone in on their particular use of the system. At that point, they drive their own requirements. This mode seems like a great feature that should be included in the next release. I'm happy with my two RM32's and my CS18ai.

Best Regards,

Oz Amaro

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answered Aug 7, 2016 by AlexTinsley (908,200 points)
selected Sep 17, 2018 by benpierce
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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