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Yamaha and S1 Synch Start/Stop (Splitting Audio Channels by Recording one channel at a time in S1 5.3 Audio Tracks)

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asked Jul 10, 2021 in Studio One 5 by saaimabrar (350 points)
edited Jul 10, 2021 by saaimabrar

I have Yamaha PSR S970, AKAI MPK Mini, Kontakt Kontrol Komplete, Presonus CS18 Ai, Presonus RLM 16 AI and AVB Presonus Switch with Presonus 5.3 S1.
I want to Synch/Start/Stop/Record on Studio one to be able to (S1, or Yamaha Clock controlled) Sequence/Record sequenced Audio & Midi Data from External Synth i.e Yamaha PSR S970. Gone through Videos from Gregor.
1. Working with External Instruments in Studio One 5 #S1withGregor

2. How to set up MIDI Keyboards and Controllers #S1withGregor

When i Do Midi Learn (gives me multiple Buttons instead of Just one as shown in the above Videos). is there anyway i can make use of my equipment mentioned above to be able to sych start/record from Yamaha PSR S970 and then record Audio/Midi from Yamaha PSR 970 into S1 each individual channel (activating one channel at a time and recording its output to S1 DAW so i get 16 different tracks/channels in S1 5.3 using Yamaha PSR S970.

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