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Does PreSonus Quantum2626 work with MACOS SONOMA Version?

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asked Oct 24, 2023 in MyPreSonus Questions by neverstudios (120 points)

idk yet if my quantum2626 work with the new version of mac (MacOs 14.00 Sonoma)

want to be sure but i didn't find news about it. Can anyone help me please? thank u soo muchsad

1 Answer

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answered Oct 28, 2023 by davidbelincky (140 points)
I am using an M1 Mac Mini and just updated to 14... Now the Quantum 2626 keeps connecting and disconnecting in a loop. Probably wait. I wish I would have.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled upgraded the firmware of the unit and restarted again and again. No resolution.