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Quantum2626 Instrument inputs are wonky

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asked Apr 26, 2023 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by slovejoy (220 points)

Hi. I'm a veteran studio/live sound guy and musician. Because people are always concerned with the sum of equipment, I have a Quantum2626 thunderbolt interfaced with a Mac i9, 32Gb Ram OS 10.15.7. It had been working wonderfully since I bought it, literally NOTHING in my setup has changed recently.

My Quantum2626 in the studio began a new behaviour yesterday. The first two inputs (nominally Inst/Mic 1, 2) behave the same way, as follows. Input goes straight from -30 to clip as signal increases. I've boiled this down as follows:

- different cables, different instruments, different DAW. Twiddled attenuation knobs (for dirt). Uploaded latest Universal Audio drivers. NO CHANGE. 

Metering is the same with DAWs as in UA. Meter to maybe 30%, then a little louder = clip. 

Moving instruments, cables etc into the remaining mic/line inputs resumes the a normal, expected progression from inf to 0 as they are played louder. In other words, NOT using the instrument inputs (for um, instruments) works fine. The clip occurring back on 1, 2 is audible, not a metering anomaly.  So it seems the issue is with the instrument inputs themselves - presumably they have a different pre-amp(s) than the remaining six inputs?

Any thoughts here?

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