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Instruent editor voices not clearing

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asked Nov 21, 2023 in Studio One 3 by nathanford2 (120 points)

I have imported a MIDI file to studio one 3, and have assigned the Grand Presence instrument to it. Unfortunately, the notes never fully fade away when the pedal is down. I can know this becuase the "voices" box in the Instrument Editor (found by clicking on the keyboard symbol at the top right of the track) shows an ever-increaseing value, going all the way up to 64 "voices" after the music has been playing for a few seconds.

Whenever the music has a space in it, you can hear a faint background sound of all the notes that have been played so far slurred together. The question is, why aren't my notes ever fully fading away? Even when I change the Sustain and Decay values, nothing seems to happen to prevent this problem.

What I've tried.

I tried many things to solve this problem, but the only slightly fruitful attempt was when I clicked the "compare" button at the top left corner of the Instrument Editor window. When I played the music after clicking this button, the voices stayed around the 10 mark, and you could tell that the notes completely faded away after a couple of seconds, which was good. The strange thing I noted, however, was that after pausing and then playing the music again, the "voices" went back to how they were before (stacking up and never clearing)

What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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