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Presonus Metro For Rack Mixers

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asked Nov 26, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by christopherreyes (1,780 points)
The new metro feature is groundbreaking, the ability to remotely control and monitor mixes over the internet is something that should be a standard industry wide and it's wonderful to see presonus still striving to be on the cutting edge at such a competetive price point. However, to my knowledge you are only able to remote into Series III mixers to control over the internet. It would be wonderful if this new feature could be extended to include the Studiolive 16, 24 and 32R rack mixers. Just imagine a system integrator being able to throw a 32r into an existing audio rack therby enabling a remote engineer to adjust a dedicated broadcast mix. Churches could benefit from a rack unit that doesn't necessarily call for an tech overhaul at the F.O.H position, but opens the door for remote A1s or system integrators to work the and fine tune the broadcast mix. Maybe be a touring band would like to source out their monitor/broadcast engineering duties to a remote mixer. The small footprint of the rack models and a new metro feature would make presonus's rack offerings all the more appealing for those looking for an remote engineer in a box and as non-intrusive of a footprint as possible.

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answered Dec 30, 2023 by derylpresberry (1,390 points)
The fact that we even to vote for this is criminal short minded of presonus and their whole staff. it pretty much said we don't care about people who purchase rack mack mixers and this behavior will have me returning their gear and searching else where
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answered Feb 18 by janbubk (160 points)
Hi Christopher, this week I tested Metro with StudioLive 24R and it works. I believe the rack mixers are part of the StudioLive Series III product line (but I am not affilieted with Presonus).