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Pre/Post Fader Option On Monitor Edit Screen for Studiolive Series III Mixers

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asked May 20 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by Dorday (4,640 points)

Please add the option to choose pre or post fader monitoring on the Monitor Edit screen on all Studiolive Series III mixers.  Thank you.

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answered May 22 by adawson (1,450 points)
selected May 25 by mackjohnson1
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Hope you don't mind me asking, but why would you need to do this when you can select pre or post per channel on any flex mix?  It seems that one would want to monitor accurately  what was actually coming out of the bus at any given time.

Not trying to put down your idea, but really want to know why it would be advantageous to be able to do that.
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answered May 26 by Dorday (4,640 points)

I don’t mind you asking. 

My specific recording studio use case could benefit from this option.  I have a 64S and I use the Monitor Out feeding into my external monitor controller.  If I want to audition a fade on a mix using the master fader on the 64S, the fade can’t be heard because the signal feeding the Monitor Output is apparently pre master fader.  This configuration is not ideal in a recording studio use case, in my opinion. 

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answered May 27 by adawson (1,450 points)
Makes sense. Thanks. I noticed the position of the fader makes no difference in the volume output of the monitor or headphone when main LR is chosen. Thought it would be nice if it did. Or at least one could choose if it did or not.
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answered May 27 by Dorday (4,640 points)
You’re welcome adawson.  Please vote it up.  Hopefully we can have Presonus add this functionality.