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Can you fix Studio One to make proper use of efficiency cores on Apple Mx hardware?

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asked Nov 30, 2023 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by waldemarbata (490 points)
According to this test: Studio One uses only performance cores on Apple Mx machines. Needles to say this causes SO to lag behind other DAWs in terms of performance, especially on systems with high efficiency-core count. It seems like a waste of resources, to let the e-cores run idle, while performance cores struggle with heavy load.

Reaper can use e-cores, so does Cubase. It is doable.

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answered Nov 30, 2023 by rjenriquez (480 points)
How is no one else talking about this? I “upgraded” from an M1 Mac Mini to an M2 Pro Mac Mini, and the change was not as great as I thought it would be. Reaper and Cubase are definitely ahead on proper CPU usage.  Hope to see Studio One follow soon.
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answered Dec 7, 2023 by pknoot (290 points)
Looking forward to the answer from Presonus!
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answered Dec 25, 2023 by 02_recnik_tempa (290 points)
+1 for an answer from somebody from the company
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answered Jan 1 by richardnolan (270 points)
I want this please - at least give us the option to turn it on?
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answered Jan 4 by harleyeblen (280 points)
Hard to believe this hasn’t been addressed yet.
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answered Jan 24 by strumpy_strudel (450 points)
I mean the REAPER dev team is like two people... I'm sure the S1 dev team can manage to implement this. Spent quite a bit on this Mac Studio solely for music production... kind of disheartening S1 isn't capable of utilizing all of the cores if I ever need them. Might have to give Cubase or REAPER another look even if they are an eye sore to look at.
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answered Feb 9 by Olexandr (310 points)
I have the same question. AND about poor CPU performance on exports, why do they rely on e-cores instead of p-cores?
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answered Feb 26 by Toon Schoppema (270 points)
Same here……

Nothing Presonus ?

Not even a “ we are aware and looking into it “ ?

Thinking about checking out the competition…….