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Presence XT Envelopes Not Working

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asked Feb 3 in Studio One 6 by anthonycheeks (340 points)
Hopefully my question is simple.    The envelopes in Presence XT simply do not work.  They have no effect.

I loaded the Acoustic Piano soundset from Presonus.  I am not using any 3rd party sample.  I can drag the Amp Envelop and the ENV2 envelope to my heart's content, but they have absolutely no effect.    For example, I have the Decay paramter of Amp Envelope at maximum. Mouse over says it is 20 seconds.   But I hit a key on the keyboard and the note does not follow any attack setting or sustain setting. I hit the note and it stops immediately.  Can anyone explain why the envelopes have no effect?

To make it more user friendly, if there are internal settings in the song or instrument or track, that turn off the envelope control, how about disabling the envelopes so you cannot drag them?  As things stand is highly COUNTER intuitive to have envelope curves you can draf all over the place but have no effect on the sound.   Thanks.

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