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Can we have "record input" added to macro options, or be able to record a macro by performing the functions-or both?

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asked Feb 7 in Recording by HeatherHarkema (200 points)
It would be fantastic to be able to select recording inputs for macros! Or, even better in my opinion, the option to record a macro by performing the functions instead of trying to figure out the correct place and/or wording of the function you want to add. I think I saw something on one or both of these things but they were from 2021 and had no answers. I'm loving the Studio One 6 so far, and I'm also big fan of macros and shortcuts! Thank you!

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answered Feb 8 by PeterUnderwood (160 points)
I totally agree.  It seems odd that there is not a record function for setting up macros.  Certain things don't have commands like changing block size which I have to do all the time because audio gets distorted and can only be fixed by changing block size, so that is a whole bunch of clicks to change block size and would be easy to record a macro to do this with one button.