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Transposing Notes and Chords in Score

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asked Feb 15 in Notion by BasilioGeorges (140 points)
Trying to work with Music XML file from Finale. Have a score with Voice and Baritone Sax. Have 3 problems:

1. Bari part is written in D min (one flat), but chords entered correctly in Finale appear in B min in Notion iOS.

2. Added Bass guitar part. Need to alter Bari part to create Bass part. Selected entire Bari part and pasted to Bass guitar staff. Bass guitar changes to Treble Clef. Changed back to Bass clef, but cannot find a way to Transpose selected measures down or up by octave or other interval.

3. Installed Basic Sounds, and parts indicate I have chosen correct playback sounds, but everything plays back as Piano sound.

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