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Notion iPad How to change one note in chord mode without shifting all

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asked Jun 16, 2022 in Notion by richcelio (300 points)
I’m notating drum set grooves using the drum kit pad in Notion for iPad…. To get the stems to line up I have to choose chord mode instead of melody mode.  But once setting the “notes” for a beat in chord mode, I can’t go back and change one of the notes without shifting the “chord” which of course for a drum set is silly.  For example, a quarter note “chord” on beat 1 includes kick, snare and ride.  If I want to change the snare to tom 1 which shifts the position 2 steps (C to E on Treble clef) the kick and ride shift also.  I assume there is some way to move just one of the notes in the chord but haven’t found it.  And as mentioned, to keep the stems lined up, I don’t want to go to melody mode since the stems get all wonky..

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