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what is the symbol on my sends channel? Its preventing the send from working with my bus

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asked Mar 28 in Studio One 6 by hollyelsworth (120 points)
there is a little power point type symbol, in the sends part of my track, where I have selected my bus with effects.  I haven't seen it before, and for some reason my send isn't working, the track isn't playing with the effects on the bus I'm sending to (so I think the symbol might be trying to tell me theres a problem).  I can't see how to attach a screenshot to show you, so hopefully you know what I am talking about!  Thanks

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answered Mar 28 by tothrec (31,920 points)
edited Mar 28 by tothrec

Hard to tell without the screen shot, sorry.  

On my Windows machine, I just did Start Shift S to open the Snipping tool, then dragged a triangle around the Sends area, came back to this message and hit Ctrl V (paste).

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answered Mar 30 by gottfriedbergmair (16,450 points)
The power symbol on the left, activates or deactivates a specific send or all sends.

Blue is on, gray is off.

Floating with mouse over the symbols a shortcut will inform you what it is.