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Track Lock Symbol Not Permanently Visible on FX and Bus Tracks

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asked Feb 10, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by jackchicago (1,840 points)
When Track-Locking a Bus or FX Track (and I haven't tested Folders, VCA's or other types of Tracks for this yet), the Track-Lock lock symbol is only visible in Automation Mode. I would appreciate if I could permanently see the Track-Lock lock symbol for any and all tracks that are locked regardless of mode. For example, just now I was trying to Shift + T (remove a number of Tracks and Buses) and nothing happened, and it was because a Bus was Track-Locked but the lock symbol was not visible. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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answered Feb 10, 2023 by tommyfinke (2,180 points)
I agree. I know why the developers probably chose not to show the lock when you are no in automation mode because there is nothing to move around on a bus or FX channel in the arrangement but in a scenario like the aforementioned it would be great to have the lock symbol visible.