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Presonus Eris 3.5 - Loud popping sound when turning off!!!!!!

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asked May 4 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by RomanFlipster (120 points)

I'm so tired of this! I don't know how to solve it! I've read hundreds of threads on reddit, I've read dozens of threads here in the presonus answers and I haven't found a single concrete answer on how to fix it!

Every time I go to bed I turn off my laptop, then turn off my studio monitors and they make a loud cracking/popping noise, my wife thinks I'm throwing something on the table...
These are my second monitors, I've tried everything, the order of switching off, different cables, I've tried different power supply, even just when I plug them in and out (without an audio source) they still make a loud crackling noise when they are turned off!

Presonus will you finally answer how to fix this? What did I pay money for?

I uploaded the video to YouTube

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answered May 9 by urielpacheco (220 points)
Are you making sure to turn down the volume all the way before turning them off? And I mean the volume using the volume knob on the monitors.