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Why do my ERIS E3.5 speakers "boom" when playing a C (130.8 hz) note?

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asked Nov 18, 2020 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by roberttrede (2,390 points)

Hello all,

I have been using my ERIS E3.5 speakers (non-blue-tooth) monitors for a couple of years and generally are quite happy with them. The problem I consistently see (well... "hear" actually) is that they tend to "boom" when a C note (130.8 hz) is played on my guitar (recorded and played back). That is the note on the 3rd fret of the 5th string or the 8th note of the 6th string.

If you could imagine taking an EQ and highly boosting that frequency until you get "booming". That's how they sound. If I listen through headphones instead, that "boominess" is not there. Also, if I source the signal from my other laptop (both computers are Win 10), the same "boom" effect happens at that frequency, leading me to believe it is the speakers themselves causing the booming.

I have tried adjusting the two "Acoustic Tuning Controls" on the back of the speakers. The low control (according to the user's manual) "Boosts of cuts frequencies around 100 Hz by ±6 dB" and is "a low-shelf EQ and attenuates or boosts frequencies below 100 Hz." 

Well, this isn't very helpful for a couple of reasons.
1. My 130.8 hz issue (a "C" note) kind of is right at the cutoff point between the "Low Frequency" control and the "High Frequency" control. 

2. Since the two controls are "shelf-filters", they will cut/boost all frequencies above or below the setting. I don't want to do that.. I want to focus in on that booming 130.8 "C" note.

My work-around, of course, is to use headphones for mixing. That "boominess" is not there in my headphones. Of course, that means that "trusting the sound" coming from the monitors is a gamble. The whole reason I have monitors is to hear how something is going to sound when projected into the room... but I can't do that with monitors that "boom at me" at certain frequencies.

Is there any hope of getting around this issue? Your thoughts and suggestions would be very helpful.

Thank you... and stay safe out there.

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