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Where can i see live recorded Midi file

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asked May 28 in Studio One 6 by jethroviloria (120 points)
edited Jun 1 by jethroviloria
I recorded Multitrack song and the digital drums is recorded via midi.

for some reason the session corrupted but i managed to pull up recent saved but the problem is the last song is not yet recorded on that saved file.

Ive located the audio files for the last song but i couldn't find the midi track

i know how to locate the media files but i cannot find midi files

I dont know how to reply on message

but here is the update

I located the audio track and added it back to the session but i cant still find my midi file.

The previous recorded midi track is still there no problem but the one i recorded on corrupted saved session is gone

if anyone knows where studio one save the midi files like the audio that would be great

the audio files are saved here D:\Studio One\Songs\Mojo nova Live\Media

but i cant located the midi files

[email protected] you can email me thanks

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answered May 30 by GTRtice (3,680 points)
This is a great question. Seems intuitive that there would be a corresponding MIDI file similar to how audio files are saved within the song's Media folder.

You didn't say if you retrieved the session from a previously saved session OR located the audio tracks from a previous session's media folder and dragged them into a new session. If the latter, the suggestion below definitely won't work.

This same thing happened to me one time and it was just last week - it was the former, and the issue was that the track was present but hidden. This may not be your solution but try it. Locate the "Channel List" in the bottom left-hand corner of the Mix window (it looks like 4 horizontal lines). If it's not highlighted, click it. When highlighted, the window to the immediate upper right of it should have a list of all the active channels in your session. If your MIDI drum track is still present, the VST will be in this list. If it is, make sure it's highlighted and not greyed out. Highlighting it could reveal the track with the MIDI recordings. If it doesn't, it's possible the data is lost. If you don't already have autosave enabled, go ahead and turn that on (I'm guessing you already do).