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pipeline xt is causing issues in the project page

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asked Jul 6 in Studio One 6 by cartermchann (220 points)
when I tried to use pipeline xt today, at first, the signal was garbled and distorted like a bad clocking error and now it is completely silent on the return side. the hardware insert works on about 4 other DAWs tested and the I/o works fine in studio one when recording.

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answered Jul 10 by cartermchann (220 points)
I switched interfaces and plugged in cables into in/out 3/4 to test and it worked again. also switched back to my main interface and it works again. so if you are experiencing problems and have a spare interface with enough ins and outs you might be able to get back to work or at least add it to your troubleshooting process and rule out the hardware. thanks to the tech support folks who let me know that it could be a firmware issue with my cranborne 500r8 that led me to this.