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Pipeline XT

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asked Aug 3, 2020 in Studio One 5 by enzo.robilatte (210 points)
retagged Aug 3, 2020 by enzo.robilatte
Hi everyone, having no external outboards, I have never been interested, but I would like to understand it anyway.

Without Pipeline XT (artist version) it is not possible to add analog hardware signal processors, did I understand correctly?  Or is it possible to add them (obviously with a card that allows it) and it only works as a plug-in that compensates only the latency of the signal from the hardware to the software?

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answered Aug 3, 2020 by Vatche (2,870 points)

Well, you sort of can.

  1. Set the channel output from Master to actual output of your audio interface.
  2. Add a new track and select the input of your track that matches the return from your connected outboard gear and record a new track.
  3. Correct the latency manually. You can add a blip or some fast transient sound at the start, to line up the new track to it.
This is the option I use for demonstrating in the Artist edition with no PipelineXT
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answered Aug 4, 2020 by enzo.robilatte (210 points)
you have been very kind, I took away a great doubt, thank you very much.  so the Pipeline is basically just a plug-in that breaks down that latency.  thanks again, you have been very helpful