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Global Mixer

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asked Jul 7 in Show Page by Scardanelli (3,270 points)
We (well I do!) really need a global mixer - something that is independent of patch changes etc.

Using Show page as a virtual mixer for a small ensemble. To replace a physical mixer and have more control over FX settings in a show. So, what's the first thing you do when you get to a gig - (if you're doing your own sound) ? Set a balance. Now each patch in Show has its own balance on the mixer. This is great, but I need to be able to set a default balance at each venue, because of course there are subtle differences each time/place. I do not want to be fiddling with the mix song to song - and if I make a change to the first song mix, then I need to do that to all.

At the moment the workaround is to put a Mixtool on every input strip, and map these to my Akai MIDIMIX. - it works, but it would be better to be able for example to create a set of Master busses for each channel, routing each channel to its own bus for level control outside of the patch. This is more visual and would make it easy to see when balancing the FOH sound. Once set up it would be great to be able to select only the Master busses view in the mixer, as faders of course not the little knobs of Mixtool, for basic balancing using a control surface.

This can be done in MainStage, and in GigPerformer. If I've missed something please let me know.

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