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Drag Instrument Part as MIDI to VST (Instrument) from arrangement

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asked Jun 2, 2016 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by niles (53,860 points)
recategorized Apr 20, 2018 by niles

Currently we are able to drag MIDI data from a VST instrument (e.g. GA 4, AD 2, Maschine etc.) to the arrangement. That's nice. However we are not able to drag back Instrument parts directly from the arrangement as MIDI to the VST instrument. Some VST's have specific sequencers that are tailored to the features of the VST. So it's often convenient to (temporarily) edit a MIDI part in the VST's native sequencer.

Therefor I would like to request a feature where we are able to drag an Instrument part as MIDI directly from the arrangement to a VST instrument that supports MIDI drop. 

Like this mockup (non existing behavior):

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answered Jun 3, 2016 by MarkyGoldstein (6,730 points)
Interesting idea. I guess it needs a development on the plugin API for this. It can't be done based on current standards.

To be honest, all the pattern editing in VSTi's and this whole midi drag and drop, and pattern and pattern variation design for machines, needs a complete rework. Next generation API.
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answered Jun 6, 2016 by niles (53,860 points)

MarkyGoldstein answerCurrently we can drag MIDI data bilateral from one VST Instrument to another VST Instrument within Studio One. So I doubt there's much needed to the VST services itself. When we drag an Instrument part to the browser we can switch from music loop to MIDI with the modifier keys. If we could do the same when hovering a VST instrument while holding a part it could be enough. When dragging an Instrument part it simply isn't MIDI data yet, so VST Instruments talking MIDI simply don't understand what to do with the package that is offered to them.

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answered Jun 6, 2016 by Backbeat (540 points)
This would be a great feature.

The Maschine Plugin takes a filepointer to a .mid file .

You are able to drag and drop via the windows browser.

Drag and drop of audio parts via the filepointer to VSTi would be great too!
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answered Jun 6, 2016 by niles (53,860 points)

@Backbeat answer: Actually drag and drop (sliced) audio events directly from the arrangement to a VST is possible. However the VST should support VST-XML. Unlike UVI, Steinberg and some others, Native Instruments unfortunately still doesn't support it.

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answered Mar 1, 2018 by Magic Russ (1,070 points)
Toontrack had a series of promo videos which showed how you could spice up your piano parts by dragging a clip from a track in your DAW into EZKEys and then applying different styles.  It's a nice feature if your host actually supports it, making your workflow much more efficient than having to export the clip and import it via EZKeys' import menu.
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answered Jun 10 by dmitrypetrenko (2,910 points)
And now also EZBass! Please consider this option.