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Plug-in settings / state not saving

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asked Jul 27, 2016 in Studio One 3 by susansubtract (160 points)
HI there,

I'm having the problem with a few of my plug-ins (both VST and AU versions). After working for awhile and getting plug-ins set up and what not, I'll save and finish for the day and close everything. Upon reopening the session, several of my plug-ins will be at the default settings. I havent' noticed this happening with any Presonus or Waves modules, but the plug-ins that are causing me the greatest grief are the PSP E27 and the AlyJames EPROM2. Not only will they be at the default settings, but any presets I may have saved in the plugin inself will not be there (I can only reload presets I've saved my own folder), so it seems the plug-in is reinitializing every time.

I've check and this does not happening in Logic or Adobe Audition with the same plug-ins.

I'm running the latest S1v3 pro with no pirated plugins

mid 2011 27in iMac  3.1Ghz i5 with 32GB ram and 2GB video card

OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

Motu 828mk3 with latest drivers and firmware

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answered Aug 5, 2016 by simesf (140 points)
I'm sorry but this isn't an answer. I'm just writing here to confirm that I have the exact same problem with the psp e27 plug in and also the klangelm classic compressor.  In fact with the klangelm sometimes I try to select a preset and the preset won't load. It means that once you quit a song and reload it you'll never get the same mix again,  which renders the plug ins or studio one unrivalled.
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answered Jan 23, 2019 by ianmartin5 (560 points)
Again, not an answer, but I was wondering if this issue was ever resolved, as I am experiencing the same behaviour with PSP plugins n S1. No issues in PT or Logic....
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answered Aug 2, 2020 by fatetaylor (180 points)
I just started having the same issue . Do you have any solutions ..?