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Why Are Some VST Plug-ins Not Showing Up But AUs Are?

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asked May 21 in Studio One 6 by rrothenberg (180 points)
I’m trying to get the MIDI Guitar 2 VST plug-in to show up in Studio One Six Pro, but it won’t. The AU plug-in shows up in the Plug-in Manager and the FX browser, but the VST refuses to show. I’ve specifically set the plugin scanner to scan that folder it’s in, but it just doesn’t show up. Can anyone explain and tell me if there’s a workaround?

I’m on a MacBook, running OS 11.7.

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answered Jul 7 by jrgmanfredhuser (1,010 points)
If your MacBook is running on an AppleSilicon-Chip (M1/M2...), maybe the PlugIn is not running natively on AppleSilicon. Please check the Website of the plugins manufacturer, if there is a AppleSilicon Version of the PlugIn. The AU-Version shows up, because it is automatically "translated" to the AppleSilicon architecture. If you want to run non-native PlugIns in Studio One, you must run Studio One in "Rosetta-mode".