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What can you do with Nimbit?

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asked May 11, 2015 in Nimbit by AlexTinsley (775,260 points)
What can you do with Nimbit?

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answered May 11, 2015 by AlexTinsley (775,260 points)
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What You Can Do With Nimbit

-Sell MP3s, CDs, merchandise, and event tickets throughbeautiful stores for Facebook, your web site, and

-Drive fans to your stores and grow your fanbase with sharable, interactive promotions for FacebookTwitter, and email that feature music and video players, personal messages, and free downloads.

-Get additional funding with an in-cart "tip-jar" for purchases & free downloads. 1-in-20 transactions onNimbit receive tips averaging $7.80.

-Increase your reach with integrated storefronts for Jango Internet Radio, Fanbridge Fan Page, and PledgeMusic, with more on the way.

-Get discovered by selling music on iTunes and getting placement on Spotify.

-Understand your fans and build your career and business thanks to detailed analytics and sales reporting.