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Audiobox -without the VSL software in Universal Control 1.8, how to make now "REALLY" zero latency monitoring ??

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asked Aug 11, 2016 in AudioBox USB by stephanhitzelberger (170 points)


(WIN 10 / i5 3330/ 16 GB RAM - Studio ONE 3 2.3 - Presonus Audiobox1818VSL:)

Sorry, when I am  repeat on old question, but for me, I don't have found a good solution until today.

Without the VSL software in Universal Control 1.8 driver, how to make  now REALLY zero latency monitoring using EQ, Effects and fat-channel?

I was very surprised, when I installed this new driver  1.8 and I returned to the legacy - driver  2.21/ firmware 1.18 with VSL-software, until discover how to make this zero monitoring, without card latency settings at 64 or less. 

The old zero latency VSL Monitor software  has been very usefully,  using  high  card latency, without  overloads in CPU performance inserting a lot of mixing-plugins etc.

I know how to use zero-latency in Studio One 3, ( this is not the question) but the monitoring of the effects  is  NOT the same,

because  the real-time effects of fat-channel , EQ and reverbs/delays over the Studio One software, even using the zero-latency bottom for  (flat) direct-monitoring, still depend of very low card-latency settings.

Do you have an idea?


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answered Aug 29, 2016 by dm5sf (400 points)
I can't get zero latency in Studio One using UC 1.8 with Audiobox 22VSL...

As reported the "Z" vanished and I can't record without hearing the latency effect...