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No playback after recording

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asked Aug 22, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jerryhawthorne (170 points)
After I record I am not able to hear the recording during playback. The blue "monitor" buttons are activated, but as soon as I select the Play button the monitor buttons turn grey and there is no audio.

Also, when I record the waveform is very small and is hard to see. I have good signal on the meters while recording, but the waveform is very small...barely visible.

I am using a MacBook Pro on El Capitan.

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answered Aug 22, 2016 by AlexTinsley (911,990 points)
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If you're having problems with audio playback, this signifies an issue with your audio I/O setup and/or your audio device driver.

However if you're able to record, but not able to playback, perhaps your playback Output Channels are not set.

Open Song Setup in the Preferences menu to and select Audio I/O setup, there are two tabs, one for input and one for output. Be sure to add mono or stereo buses for your device. Then once you've added your channels, open the mixer and make sure your master playback channels are assigned to the master audio output or whichever channels your speakers are attached to.

As for the waveform draw, the waveform on the arrangement page is meant to be a representation of the actual audio. Double click any of the waveforms to open the editor to see it in more detail.

If you require better detail on all your waveforms, perhaps consider adding an external monitor to your MacBook Pro like a Thunderbolt 27" Display, then using the magnify sliders for vertical and horizontal you can adjust the zoom levels to see the waveforms more to your liking. Even with a 27" monitor, the more tracks you add, you'll end up with the same issue as you did on your laptop screen.