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Why is there no audio playback?

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asked Mar 11, 2018 in Studio One 3 by colewilliams3 (130 points)
Im confused and quite honestly annoyed. When i open studio one 3 it says my default audio device (which is the device i need to use) cant be connected. So i go in and do it manually and it says its ok. However there is still no audio? I open an instrument and click keys with the mouse but no sound? Another issue is the midi controller. When i connect my midi keyboard and it has been successfully connected, it doesnt show the keys being played in real time or all all? I can see that its picking up when i press a key on the mini keyboard by watching the midi sign at the bottom left light up orange when i press them but its not showing the actual key being pressed on the monitor. I've seen people asking about their "audiobox" no outputting any sound. Not sure about any audiobox. Im using after market speakers that just plug into the back of my tower. I shouldnt need any kind of "audiobox" when my computer has a soundcard. If so, that doesnt make sense. Im using the free version right if that helps. I want to get to know the editor before I finalize any finatial decision. Thanks!

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answered Mar 12, 2018 by moshegoldstein (1,730 points)
A few places to look:

1) The Audio I/O routing: Options > Song Setup (button on bottom) > Audio I/O Setup > Outputs (tab).

2) What instrument do you have loaded? Any at all? Clicking keys and MIDI keyboards won't do you anything if there's no virtual instrument taking the signal and converting it into audio.

3) If you have a working instrument loaded, see if the instrument's volume meter is moving when keys are pressed. If yes, see if the entire project's volume meter is moving.