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Why does SO3 let me Edit with Melodyne in OLDER songs, but not new ones I create? It's stuck "Rendering Files."

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asked Aug 23, 2016 in Studio One 3 by sonicinleftpocket (200 points)


I am trying to use Melodyne Studio 4 in Presonus Studio One 3 Professional. Both pieces of software have their most recent updates.

Previously, when I wanted to use Melodyne in Studio One 3, I selected a small segment of audio on a track and then chose "Edit with Melodyne." In the past, that had always caused Melodyne to open in the Edit window at the bottom of the Studio One screen.

Now, however, when I go through the same procedure, a window pops up that says "Rendering Files." There is a blue progress line that seems to imply there is something going on. However, I have let that dialogue window stay open for 15 minutes and nothing happens. It still just shows "Rendering Files." This is true even if the segment of audio that I've selected is only one, short note in length.

I don't recall ever even seeing this "Rendering Files" dialogue in the past at all. Now, I'm not even seeing the Melodyne logo or white-background window. It's just that little SO3 window taunting me with "Rendering Files" that never complete.

I wanted to check to see what would happen if I opened a song that I'd previously edited with Melodyne. When I did, I was able to click on a section of a file I'd edited before and choose "Edit with Melodyne." That caused the regular Melodyne editor to open in the Edit window at the bottom of the screen. However, it immediately opened my browser and sent me to the Celemony website - telling me there was a newer version of Melodyne available. (I'm assuming that's referring to the version of Melodyne which was used to edit that older file - because I had, actually, just installed the very latest version of Melodyne about an hour prior to seeing that message!) But, could still edit with Melodyne in this older song. Out of curiosity, I decided to record a new bit of audio into this older song. After recording, I selected some of the audio and chose "Edit with Melodyne." That caused Melodyne to open in the Edit window just like it is supposed to! So, Melodyne works - but just not in a new song.

The older song (that Melodyne functions properly in) and other, newer songs (in which I never get past "rendering files") have identical sample rates and resolutions.

My hardware setup is the same as it has been since I started using Melodyne in Studio One. Exactly the same. Nothing fancy: Windows 7, quad-core AMD. My buffer is set to 1024. There has not been any change to my system whatsoever since the last time I successfully used Melodyne to edit audio in a newly recorded Studio One song.

I have also sent this question to Celemony's (Melodyne) support. Hopefully somebody else has had this issue and knows a solution.

Thank you for your assistance!


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answered Feb 18, 2017 by Skyler2000 (310 points)
I'm also looking for a solution to this issue!
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answered Feb 20, 2017 by Skyler2000 (310 points)
I haved solved the issue for myself, it seems to be related to having everything match as far as 44.1khz vs 48khz.

Check to ensure that the song,melodyne ,audio device, and wav file are all the same, and if you change the song setting while it's open you'll need to close it out and repopen. When this issue occurs it also causes bouncing a clip to freeze.

Hope this helps others