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Why does Studio1 Artist playback my tracks through X32 but will not let me record - just stopped

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asked Apr 5, 2020 in Studio One 4 by wendellnall1 (250 points)
I am running USB from the stock 32 channel USB audio interface from my ********* X32 rack into my MacBook Pro and recording to studio one artist.

This was working fine and recording tracks and allowing me to route back through the X32 for playback.  I have changed nothing in the standard file I use for either the X32 or the studio one software

It has since stopped working from a recording standpoint and does not allow me to record tracks at this time.  The playback function is still intact and operating properly it just will not record .

I did unplug the USB from the X32 and the microphone on the powerbook is not letting a signal show in the recording as well so I am leaning toward a software issue and would appreciate some help.

It cold be the X32 routing was well but I would like feedback on both issues

Thank you

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