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I can't get zero latency in Studio One using UC 1.8 with Audiobox 22VSL...

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asked Aug 29, 2016 in AudioBox USB by dm5sf (400 points)
I had the VSL software installed since I bought my Audiobox 22VSL, though I bypassed it after enabling the "zero latency" feature of it in Studio One (the blue "Z" that appears next to the interface icon and in mixer channels tracks).
It happens that I received an e-mail from Presonus bringing news about the "Universal Control 1.8" with extremely recommendation to update. So I decided to install it.
After the installation Audiobox 22vsl (firmware v1.06) simply lost the "Z" feature, I mean, it's not showed in Studio One anymore.
I need the low latency feature enabled to continue recording my music.
With the new drivers, the sound fails and I can only have a good output selecting "Safe" mode in UC 1.8 panel, what brings up an unacceptable input latency of 28ms!

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answered Aug 30, 2016 by camarimusic (1,040 points)
Hmmmmm.  I really hope that this is resolved.  I was thinking of updating to Universal Control 1.8 but I'll hold off until they fix this.