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Is there a workaround for now in terms of focus control selection?

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asked Sep 7, 2016 in Studio One 3 by alancloughley (2,990 points)
I have a Korg nanoKontrol studio and nanoKeys studio which I use together with the Studio one remote on the Ipad to control Studio One, it would all work well together if as in the feature request focus mapping supported multiple controllers so big thumbs up for that. At present when I select a plug in however from the Ipad remote app and then select a different controller from the focus menu it hides the plug in window. This completely kills any workflow benefits of using the controllers. Is there a keyboard shortcut or some way of quickly selecting a controller on the fly which would allow the Ipad to select a plug in then another device to control it's settings? If focus control device selection could be mapped to a controller button or keyboard shortcut although not ideal at least it would be semi-practical to use a multiple controllers for EQ/Compression etc.. at present I can't see any keyboard shortcuts/macros to select the focus mapping any ideas or workaround suggestions would be much appreciated.

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answered Sep 7, 2016 by alancloughley (2,990 points)
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I got this working using MIDI-OX on windows and LoopBe1 two free midi utility apps. MIDI-OX allows you to merge the messages from the two controllers and route them to LoopBe1 which is a midi loopback which you can pick in your DAW to receive the merged midi input. Studio one then sees both controllers as a single merged midi device. I've also assigned "Show channel editor" to one of the controller buttons near the controller knobs shows the inserts for the selected channel. It still doesn't allow you to select the correct plug ins via a controller message so if anyone has an idea of how to do that via mackie controller messages or shortcuts that would be awesome! I can obviously select plugins via the Studio one remote IPad app but when I do it takes over and stops focus mapping from working!