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Is there a keyboard shortcut/macro for navigating forward and back between insert plugins on the channel editor window?

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asked Sep 7, 2016 in Studio One 3 by alancloughley (2,990 points)
I'm looking for a way to switch backwards/forwards between the currently selected insert plugin tab on the channel editor window, I can't see shortcuts/macros for this. I'd like to assign it to an external controller back/forward buttons to navigate between plug ins, but a keyboard shortcut would work too, any help much appreciated!

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answered Sep 8, 2016 by niles (54,400 points)
selected Sep 8, 2016 by alancloughley
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Page Up/Down Skip (CTRL+Page Up/Down by default) will do it.

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answered Sep 8, 2016 by alancloughley (2,990 points)
Thanks for the speedy response Niles, awesome! Exactly what I was looking for, works well with the controller too, I can pull up the plug ins, navigate through and edit settings directly from my Korg controller without touching the mouse! :)